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Marbling Marbling Marbling

(and a Unique Book Form)

​​The Book Arts Guild WAS excited to have Pietro Accardi in Seattle for a week to teach the series of workshops described below. Unfortunately, a coronoavirus had other plans. We sincerely hope we can get him back later this year to try again.


Be sure not to miss Pietro's presentation about the history, techniques, tools and styles of European marbling and how he interprets these techniques and color theory in his work on paper and fabric. He'll bring numerous illustrative samples of his designs and discuss what patterns to look for when selecting paper for book covers or fabric for scarves. He will also have textiles, paper and other goods available for sale after the presentation.


 Introduction to Marbling.

This workshop will give you a basic understanding of and practice at marbling. Students will get hands on experience in all aspects of marbling techniques, from paper priming and preparatory mixing of water medium and paints, to the creation of classical patterns. Specific attention will be given to learning how to obtain particular designs using a diverse array of rakes and combs. Students will have time for experimentation with guidance from the instructor and will leave with a sampling of papers they've marbled themselves.


​         This is a great class for those who want to learn about marbling or want to revisit or experiment with the basics.

         This class will not be offered twice: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 and Friday, April 24, 2020

 Marbling - Textiles and Book Cloth.

This workshop builds on basic paper marbling, while familiarizing students with new materials. We will discuss techniques and tips needed to successfully marble on fabric, choosing the best fabric for marbling, and how to prepare your fabric for this process. Marbleized fabric can be used to make your own book cloth, as well as other textiles such as scarves. Complex patterns will be demonstrated and attention to important nuances in the practice. During the afternoon of guided and personal practice, students will create their own stack of 12-15 marbled fabric pieces. Paper will also be provided. This class is accessible to both beginners and marblers with more experience.

​         This class will not be offered Saturday, April 25, 2020


 Advanced Marbling - Metallics and Over-Marbling.


In the world of paper marbling, metallics are rare due to the heavier weight of these types of pigments. Since marbling pigments must float perfectly on the surface of the water bath, metallics prove challenging. The use of rakes and combs with metallics is also tricky, requiring carefully manipulated movements of these heavy paints in order to achieve the desired effects without sinking or breakage. 

         This class will also explore the exciting and uncharted territory of “over-marbling”, where one pattern is superimposed upon another to create a magnificent and complex play of pattern.

During the morning students will learn how to handle these paints, and the instructor will introduce new and more intricate patterns. The afternoon is dedicated to personal practice with hands-on guidance from the instructor.

         Students in this class should have experience with marbling, either personal practice or having taken at least one of the above workshops.


This class will not be offered twice: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 and Sunday, April 26

 Articulated Binding.


An indestructible cover inspired by Italy’s 1970’s solution to broken Yellow Pages bindings in public phone booths, this 360-degree flexible binding offers many advantages because it bends and does not break. This binding style offers visual and tactile delight, employing strips of articulated hard board covered with marbled fabric. In this workshop, Pietro will guide students through the art of this rare binding technique. Students will create an articulated blank journal that can beautifully withstand the ravages of time.

         This workshop is appropriate for both beginning and experienced book makers.

​         This class will not be offered Thursday, April 23, 2020


Spend several days immersing yourself in the Accardi Marbling Experience and advance your Mad Marbling Skillz. The workshops are graciously being hosted by the great folks at Editions Studio in Georgetown (6520 5th Ave S #114, Seattle). There is free parking in the area.


Each workshop will run 10am- 5pm.


Pietro and Vanessa bring all the supplies (enrollment includes materials fee). You need bring only an apron (marbling can be messy) and lunch (there are no nearby eateries open on weekends...and who wants to leave anyway?) and WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES (you will be standing most of the time).


REGISTRATION POLICY: Your paid registration reserves your place in the class. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 12 students. A minimum of 5 students is required to run each class. You will receive an invoice after submitting your registration request. No money is collected by pressing SUBMIT on this page. After payment of the invoice, your registration will be confirmed via email.


If the class is filled, a waiting list will be established. You will be notified if you are on the waiting list. If you sign up for the class, but cannot attend and your place can be filled from the waiting list, you will receive a full refund. If there is no waiting list, but you find a replacement for yourself, you will receive a full refund. If your place cannot be filled, your full registration may be retained to help cover the expenses of the class. If the class must be canceled, we will notify you and issue a full refund.

For this series of workshops, Book Arts Guild members enjoy a $10 discount on each class! Jealous? Join HERE.


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