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At the Intersection of Embroidery and Book Arts

Online presentation with Jeri Oswalt

Thursday, August 22nd, 2024 at 7pm PT

Registration required; register HERE.

Some people paint, some people print, and some people stitch.* Jeri Oswalt is one of the latter as she finds ways to incorporate embroidery or, as she calls it, "embellished stitching" in her artwork, building stitches with needle and thread as the medium to illustrate her ideas.

In this talk, Jeri will briefly examine embroidered books and boxes from Ancient, Victorian, and Contemporary periods, exploring different approaches and artists. She'll share her path to embroidery and artists books and share some of her work. Jeri will wrap up with lessons learned that influence her practice and might be incorporated into the experiments of others interested in embroidered stories.

Jeri Oswalt is a collector of thread, an Embroiderer, and a Book Artist from Portland, Oregon. She holds a degree in Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts from Oregon State University and Level 3 certificates in Embroidery and Design from London City and Guilds. She spent fourteen years studying and exhibiting with the group STiTCH , often exhibiting embroidered boxes. She loves working with a theme and is inspired by a love of material or an interest in a particular technique. Her work is often described as “traditional hand stitch on non-traditional surfaces”. She was awarded First and Second prizes at the 2023 International Quilt and Fiber Arts Festival and is an active member of the Columbia Fiber Art Guild.

* acknowledging that yes, there are many more mark-making methods, but how long of a list do you really want to read in a blurb? :-)


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