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Book Arts Happenings - August 2022

Your Book Arts Guild may not be having an August presentation, but that doesn't mean there aren't other bookish opportunities!

Our friends at Puget Sound Book Artists and Book Club of Washington have invited us to a few events to check out in August.

Books in real life

Peaks and Valleys, PSBA Members Exhibition at Collins Library at University of Puget Sound is still open and available until August 5th. Exhibit info HERE. Parking and hours for Collins Library info HERE.

On August 25 at 4pm an online presentation by Alisa Banks about her book on exhibit.

Changing the Conversation is an exhibition co-curated by MalPina Chan, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Jane Carlin and Angela Weaver and features over 60 books collected over the last decade that address social justice themes. Alisa’s book Wrongful Termination in this exhibit addresses race-based discriminatory practices. Starting in the 1980's, multiple suits have been filed against employers, schools, and other agencies by people of color (primarily women) who were fired, passed over for promotion or hiring, or sent home for wearing their natural hair.

Alisa Banks investigates connections to contemporary culture, her Creole heritage, and the African diaspora through the lenses of home, terrain, and the body, using Southern Louisiana as a point of entry. Her sculptural artist books, writings, and textile collages, which incorporate fibers and found materials, reference traditional craft forms through twisting, knotting, crocheting, and sewing. Her interests include exploring alternative modes of reading and the performative potential of the book.

The Zoom event is free, but registration is required HERE.

On August 28 at 1pm an online presentation: International Escapades of a Book Lover

Professor Art Seto will be our guide for a whirlwind bibliophilic tour of some of his favorite museums, libraries, and other book and printing centers around the world. Professor Art Seto will introduce us to some of the sites that he has been motivated to experience by his fifty-year love of print and books. His academic career has taken him to conferences all over the world, where he constantly discovers new bookish opportunities. He will highlight visits to such institutions as the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany, the Getty Museum, the Huntington Library, the Library of Congress, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and other select venues across the USA, Canada, and Asia.

Professor Seto’s love of print began during two years of graphic arts classes in high school, where he was fortunate to have after-school access to the printing shop. This early exposure was followed by 23 years working full time in the printing industry, beginning with an indentured bindery apprenticeship. For the past 17 years, Associate Professor Art Seto has been teaching bookbinding, letterpress printing and other courses at the Graphic Communications Management program at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). In addition to teaching, and researching and disseminating scholarly information on print and book topics, Professor Seto is a hands-on practitioner as a letterpress printer and book artist. His related research interests are in the areas of historical and modern street literature, chapbooks, and zines.

The Zoom event is free, but registration is required HERE.


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