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Book Arts in Real Life - March 2022

Itching to see some artist's books live and in person? There is an exhibit this month (March 2022 only) at UW's Center for Urban Horticulture. If you've never been to the CUH, the parking is free and the setting is so peaceful. Don't miss a stroll through the next door Union Bay Natural Area. But first stop in the Miller Library for Field Notes by Lou Cabeen.

From the library's web page:

Lou Cabeen returns to the Miller Library this month with new work that combines plant study with book stitching, embroidery and painting. In her own words:

The artworks in this exhibition are my Field Notes of life in pandemic isolation. The horizons of my world narrowed to my yard, my immediate neighborhood, and the Union Bay Natural Area. In the face of cancellations, postponements, supply shortages, grief and worry, the life arising from the dirt under my feet provided companionship. Collecting specimens, making drawings, studying maps helped deepen my awareness of these fellow travelers, who flourished immune from politics and the virus.

Exhibit open during library open hours. Mask wearing is required for all library visitors.

Location: UW Botanic Gardens - Center for Urban Horticulture, Elisabeth C. Miller Library

3501 NE 41st St., Seattle, WA, 98105


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