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Burns and Beetles and Books - Sep 2022

Artist Suze Woolf will be presenting online on September 8th, 2022 at 7pm.

You can watch a recording of Suze's talk here:

Suze Woolf’s work is about human relationships to nature. She explores watercolor, paper-casting, artist books, pyrography and installation. She is a life-long outdoor person, which has given her a front row seat to watch glaciers shrink and burned-over forests increase all over the North American West.

Her installation “State of the Forest,” based on 14 years of painting individual burned trees, is touring 2019-2023. Her artist books combine raw materials from nature with bookbinding techniques, often inspired by collaborations with scientists, poets, printmakers, papermakers and most recently a composer.

Suze has exhibited throughout Washington and across the U.S. Her work is in public collections and many private ones. She has received awards from arts organizations, universities and colleges, residencies in Zion, Glacier, Capitol Reef and North Cascades National Parks, the Grand Canyon Trust; and art colonies such as the Banff Centre, the Vermont Studio Center, Willowtail Springs, Jentel, Playa, Centrum and others. See and read more about her art here:

Here's a preview of a few of the now 40(!) bark beetle books to whet your appetite.

Bark Beetle Book Vol. XXXIX: What the Beetles Sang

Laser-engraved log slices with Douglas Fir Pole Beetle galleries (Scolytus monticollae), antique wooden violin clamps. 6.575”W x 8.5”H x 5.75”W

Pedestal with beetle-gallery buttons plays music composed for the volume by Aldo Daniel Rivera (in progress)

Bark Beetle Book Vol. XXXIII: Hyphae

Log half-round, handmade and commercial papers, abaca fiber. 14"H x 6"W x 8"D

Based on the idea that fungi mycelium provide access to nutrients from otherwise indigestible wood as is described in Volume XXXII. The fungi leave a characteristic streaking known as blue stain; so the end papers are blue and the rest of the pages semi-transparent abaca paper. Log from below American Ridge, WA; fiber from millinery supply as it is often used as stiffener in elaborate women's hats.

Bark Beetle Book Volume XXVII: Survivorship*

Log (likely whitebark pine) with mountain pine beetle galleries, laser-cut bamboo, offset-printed text with inked-in MPB galleries, brass binding post. 9.5 diam. x 6 H

Based on a paper by Six et al.: ~7% of whitebark pines in a research tract survived mass attack by mountain pine beetles. DNA analyses of the survivors showed less encoding for certain VOCs that the beetles perceive. The interior pages of the book have been printed with "ASCII art" of the mRNA base pairs for the gene that turns of monoterpene synthase. The proportion of dark, low-contrast ("quiet") to light, high-contrast ("noisy") pages in the book is 7/100.

Bark Beetle Book Volume XIV: Ars datum est

Teanaway log with fir engraver galleries, laser-cut matboard, image transfers, paint, linen thread 16.5"H x 4.75"diam

Each page is essentially a bar from a bar chart representing the areas affected in British Columbia and Alberta from 1999-2007


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