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Guild of Book Workers Triannual Exhibition Show Opening: WILD/LIFE

Online Presentation

Sunday, February 20 1-3pm Pacific

In collaboration with the Guild of Book Workers, Northwest Chapter, the Book Arts Guild, the Book Club of Washington and Puget Sound Book Artists, the Collins Memorial Library (at University of Puget Sound) is pleased to host an exhibit of works by members of the Guild of Book Workers. Members were invited to interpret the theme of “wildlife” in any way they wish, be it literal or abstract, humorous or serious. In a biological sense, wildlife describes the myriad of creatures sharing this planet, interacting and adapting, all connected to each other and their environment. "Wild" also describes an untamable essence that survives despite the constraints of society and culture. As craftspeople, knowledge of materials and keen observation of how they behave (and often how they refuse to comply) is an integral part of the practice of book making, and a reminder of how traditional bookbinding materials originate in nature.

In celebration of the show opening, there will be a Zoom presentation by members of the NW Chapter represented in the exhibit talking about their work. The event is free, but registration is required:

Learn more about the exhibit

You are welcome and encouraged to see the the exhibit live and in person. For information on Collins hours and rules, check the library website.

Wild/LIFE Exhibitors Eric Alstrom | Alicia Bailey | Leith Calcote | Valerie Carrigan | Rebecca Chamlee | Kyle Clark | Jim Croft | Coleen Curry | Mari Eckstein Gower | Erin Fletcher | Brenda Gallagher | Suzanne Glemot | Jane Griffith | Penelope Hall | Karen Hanmer | Lang Ingalls | Caitlin Jochym | Peggy Johnston | Meg Kennedy | Beth Lee | Christopher McAfee | Elizabeth Mellott | Patrice Miller | Suzanne Moore | Bonnie Thompson Norman | Emily Patchin | Graham Patten | Todd Pattison | Beth Redmond | James Reid-Cunningham | Laura Russell | Patricia Sargent | George Sargent | Mardy Sears | Jillian Sico | Priscilla Spitler | Julie Stackpole | Peter and Donna Thomas | Mary Uthuppuru & Andrea Peterson | Carolina Veenstra | Tom Virgin | Leslie Walthers | Thomas Parker Williams | Charles Wisseman | Stephanie Wolff


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