Annual Book Arts Guild Meeting and Members Show and Tell

Online Presentation

Thursday, January 27th, 7pm (Pacific)

We'll start this month's meeting with a few bookkeeping activities for our annual meeting: introducing your Board members, taking attendance, encouraging you to renew your membership, announcing our upcoming presentations. Then we'll turn it over to the fun stuff: seeing what everyone has been up to these past couple of (dozen) months. This will be our first ever online group presentation, so it should be fun.

As usual, please register with EventBrite. You will receive a confirmation email and then a reminder with the Zoom link a day or two before the meeting starts.

EventBrite generously provides their services to us for free and is a useful tool for collecting email addresses and sending out reminder emails and the Zoom link. EventBrite is somewhat annoying in that the interface changes frequently. On the day of meeting, you'll get a reminder email from EventBrite and it may have a link to the EventBrite event page. Don't try to access the meeting from this! Keep scrolling through the EventBrite email until you find the Zoom link. Look for the Zoom link. It will be there and we'll be happy to see you.

These pictures are just here to entertain you until the website editor finds some nice photos of books that our artists have made recently.