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Now That's a Book - April 2023

Bringing my books from concept to existence

An IN PERSON presentation by Jodee Fenton

Thursday April 13, 2023. 7:00pm (PST)

Special Collections Classroom,

Room B69, Allen Library Basement

Watch a recording of this presentation HERE.

The Second Coming (Again)

As a longtime librarian and painter, it's not unusual that Jodee Fenton combines this history and skill into artist books that transform her ideas into a physical form to communicate those ideas and create an experience for her readers. Jodee develops the imagery that interprets her topics, designs the structure of the book itself, and combines it all into a fine binding. The combination of language, letters and words, visual imagery and space bring a synergistic energy to her work.

Jodee finds the journey from idea to artwork fascinating, challenging, revealing, frustrating, and joyful. Her path to becoming a book artist has had twists and turns that might look like detours, but everything seems to have had a purpose. At the Book Arts Guild meeting, Jodee will talk about that journey and explore in depth two of her recent projects that show how one's life experiences contribute to their art.

Homage (cover and open spread)

The first book is Homage, Jodee's tribute to Josef Albers that starts with his extensive work with color as a concept. The physical action of the book had to be incorporated into the structure and design to make the interactions of colors work.

The second book is a painted book, Turning Point, Jodee's interpretation of the Gettysburg Address. This book is a response to a visit to the Gettysburg battlefield and the unimaginable pain held by that sacred site.

Turning Point

After her talk, there will be time to look at Jodee's books in person, ask questions, and share thoughts.

Jodee studied art in high school, majored in philosophy and literature in college, got an MA in Library Science and a BFA in painting. She worked as a special collections librarian for decades and is a long-time member of the Book Club of Washington. She officially opened her studio, Aubergine Atelier, in 2018. Currently studying with Don Glaister at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado. Jodee expects her diploma this September.


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