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Friday Art Spa - BYOB* - July 2023

(* Build Your Own Book)

Friday, July 28, 2023 - starting at 12 noon(ish)

Live and in person at ArtWorks in Edmonds.

Easy to get to, plenty of free parking, big tables, great lighting, airy space.

Okay, we're going to give this a try. This is a (nearly) free workshop for Book Arts Guild members, made possible by the open studio hours (Art Spa Fridays) at ArtWorks in Edmonds. You will need to pay the $5 Art Spa fee to ArtWorks (to help keep the lights on), but if you're a BAG member, there is no additional cost. For non-BAG members, you'll be asked for another $5 (to help keep the Guild going) or you can join BAG here. No need to register, just show up Friday.

First workshop project: TetraFlexaHexaMandalaGrams

This project will be part origami, part geometry, part doodling, part meditation, and part magic. We’ll fold a single piece of paper (gram) into a square (tetra) with six (hexa) sides and room for 14(!) different (flexa) mandalas. We’ll start by creating a template model to get familiar with the folds and manipulating the structure. We’ll discuss different approaches for drawing mandalas (free-hand, structural, traditional, botanical, etc) and then dive in creating them, using provided examples and our imagination. The cutting and folding are simple and only basic drawing skills are necessary for the mandala.

Materials you need to bring:

- Bone folder, scissors, straight edge, pencil, eraser, and fine-tipped juicy black pen (such as gel, rollerball or felt tip, but not a sharpie).

- If you have one, bring a circle template with circles up to 2-3", but don't go buy one; I have several to borrow.

Materials provided:

- Several samples and books

- The aforementioned circle templates

- Square paper

- Printed instructions

- An assortment of stencils, punches, and stamps we can try out if there's time

Selene was going to teach this workshop at Letters of Joy in 2020 (cancelled because of that panini thing) and has had it burning a hole in her back pocket ever since.

We (Book Arts Guild) are hoping to keep offering nearly-free workshops to our members. If you're interested in presenting one, this would be a great place to learn to teach, practice a new workshop idea, revisit an old favorite technique, work out some kinks, volunteer for the Book Arts Guild and have some fun on a Friday afternoon. Contact the Guild ( with your idea(s).


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