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Chang Yuchen and the Choreography of Books - Jan 2024

This month we welcoming Chang Yuchen, an interdisciplinary artist whose works include books.

Her approach includes -- writing as weaving, drawing as translation, teaching as hospitality, and publishing as a dandelion spreading its seeds. In this talk, Yuchen will present her various publications with an emphasis on the peripheral aspects of a book – the choice of the paper, the binding techniques, the choreography of the unfolding and so on, exploring the material and affective languages of artists' books. 

Online Presentation

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

7:00 pm (PT)

Note the Tuesday, rather than the usual Thursday.

Watch a recording of her presentation HERE

From Yuchen's website, this is her Non-Time Calendar 2024:

In order to embrace/deflect the fact that another Gregorian year is coming to an end, I made a Non-Time Calendar — for the autonomy to begin, to end, and to embody various temporalities in between.

As usual, registration will be online and once again, we are trying out another new registration program.

Any questions or comments about the

registration experience, please

Photo by Lane Lang

For those of you who were hoping this event announcement would be about Preston Wadley's exhibit at Bellevue Art Museum, sorry, unfortunately we were not able to find a time and location that worked for Preston. You can still take yourself to the museum; his exhibit is up through the end of the year. There is also a complete overview in photographs of his books on his website - please go take a look. Each bookwork is a story you can tell yourself.


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