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Margo Klass, The Art of Collaboration - Nov 2023

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

7pm PT

ONLINE Presentation - Watch recording HERE

Book artist Margo Klass will discuss how collaborative projects have played an important role within the Northwoods Book Arts Guild in Fairbanks, Alaska, focusing on the most recently completed collaboration in which 19 book artists joined in a yearlong project to reimagine the hornbook structure.

Historically, hornbooks were educational tools designed for children. These paddle-shaped structures were held in the hand and carried about hanging from wrist or belt, at the ready for lessons in letters, numbers, and basic grammar.

Margo will also discuss how collaborations have influenced much of her own work, looking at projects that involved responding to music composed in Denali National Park, working with scientists in University of Alaska’s “In Time of Change” program, and collaborating with her late husband, writer Frank Soos, during an artist residency on Beaver Creek Wild and Scenic River.

Margo Klass is a mixed media sculptor whose work includes constructions and artist books. In both, natural and found objects are springboards for content, often narrative but always symbolic of meaning beyond what the objects suggest. Aesthetically she draws from her study of medieval art and travel in Japan. She has received awards from the Rasmuson Foundation and Alaska State Council on the Arts. In 2015 she received the Governor’s Individual Artist Award. Her work is in the Alaska State Museum, Anchorage Museum, University of Alaska Museum of the North, Pratt Museum, and other public and private collections.

You can read more about Margo here:

Check out more of her amazing work here:

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